How do you measure the efficiency of your business?

It seems to be working smoothly, and the cash flow is OK - but are your staff and clients commenting on how long it takes to get things done? Anyone in the business getting stressed? Running out of time for the basics?

  • Has anyone in your business ever analysed the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of your procedures and practices, or have they just grown into place over the years?
  • Do you have internal procedures and policies for co-ordination between managers and staff?
  • Do you keep employees informed of management goals and objectives?
  • Can you ensure that revised procedures, methods and related work changes are implemented?
  • Does anyone in your organisation review administrative rules, policies, and workflow procedures?
  • Do you know the impact your administrative practices have on managers, staff and your clients?
  • Are the working relationships within your business becoming strained through inter-departmental clashes?

We offer a service to small and medium sized business which will help you resolve much of the above. Our staff will work with you and your staff to find the best work practices and administrative style for your business. We are not 'time and motion' consultants, nor are we staff 'razor cutters'.

Our aim is to work in the least intrusive manner to ascertain where and how your administrative practices could be improved for the betterment of your business and your staff and clients. Each consultant undertakes a single client at a time, and all your dealings are with the same consultant so that repetition is kept to the minimum and consistency is maintained.

Our reviews are fast - generally between one week to two weeks and the costs are very affordable.

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